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    1. Vintage Antique Classics ~ Favorite Old-Fashioned Songs, Books, and Advice from Yesteryear
        Old-Fashioned Vintage Contact Table Codes for use on MySpace


      Vintage Graphics and Comment Picture Codes for Websites and Social Network Profiles

      Do you see the sweethearts in the Blue Moon?
      Blue Moon
      Stop and Smell the Roses
      Smelling the Roses
      A Little Kiss
      A Little Kiss
      The Lovers Kiss
      The Lovers Kiss
      The Cat's Meow
      The Cat's Meow
      Dill Pickles
      Dill Pickles
      Archibald Cunningham
      Archibald Cunningham
      dove.jpg (44761 bytes)
      Dove of Peace
      Vintage Redhead Rag Contact Table for MySpace
      Redhead Rag
      More Coming Soon...


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      Fun Old-Fashioned Wall Calendars for 2012

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      Fun Glitter Graphics Comment Codes for MySpace, Xanga & More

      Funny MySpace Comment Graphics
      Funny Graphic Codes

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      ASCII Codes

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