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         Prohibition Songs

      When the Prohibs Win the Day


      J. B. HERBERT.

      Copyright, 1903, by The Fillmore Bros. Co.

      There'll be plenty of food for eating,
      There'll be plenty of clothes for wear,
      There'll be gladness in ev'ry meeting,
      There'll be praise to outmeasure prayer,
      There'll be toys each day for baby,
      And then Papa at home will stay,
      And a heaven on earth will the bright home be,
      When the Prohibs win the day.

      There'll be hustling along the highways,
      For precious to all is time,
      There'll be safety in all the byways,
      For closed are the holes of crime;
      There'll be ample reward for labor,
      There'll be plenty of time for play,
      For the drunks and the poverty are all gone
      When the Prohibs win the day.

      There'll be men who are schooled by reason
      That will guide the affairs of State,
      While the knaves with their greed and treason
      Will howl at the outer gate;
      There'll be wisdom and truth and justice,
      And the nations will learn the way
      Of the people who walk in the light of God,
      When the Prohibs win the day.

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      Prohibition Songs:  A collection of Prohibition Campaign, Patriotic Services, and all Meetings in the interest of Reform

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