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    1. Vintage Antique Classics ~ Original Music, Fun Downloads, Graphics Codes and more Time Travel Accessories


         Prohibition Songs

      The Prohibition Chariot
      FRED E. RICKS.


      Copyright, 1900, by The Fillmore Bros. Co.

      O de prohibition chariot am a comin' chillun,
      Don't you hear de wheels a whizzin' an' a hummin',
      Don't you see dem big ole hosses
      What am gwine to be de bosses
      When we enter in at las' de promised lan'.

      Den git on board,
      git aboard in de name ob be Lawd
      An' don't fogit to buckle on de swod,
      Der gwine to be some fightin',
      An' some thunderin' an' lightnin',
      But we'll lick ole Satan an' possess de lan'.

      O de prohibition chariot am a rollin', chillun,
      Don't you hear de licker men how dey's a scollin',
      Kase de wheels of dis ole wagon,
      Am a gwine to stop der braggin',
      How dey gwine to rule us out de promised lan'.


      O de prohibition chariot am a movin', chillun,
      Put your shoulder to de wheel an' keep a shovin'
      Keep dis wagon in de highway,
      don't go sneakin' in de by-way,
      Wid dem parties who am on de debil's side.


      O de prohibition chariot am a rumblin, chillun,
      An' de mighty wall ob Satan am a tumblin'
      We is gwine to win dis battle,
      We is gwine to hab de cattle
      An' de sheep an' milk an' honey ob dis lan'.


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      Prohibition Songs:  A collection of Prohibition Campaign, Patriotic Services, and all Meetings in the interest of Reform

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