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    1. Vintage Antique Classics ~ Original Music, Fun Downloads, Graphics Codes and more Time Travel Accessories


         Prohibition Songs

      Civilize the Philippines.
      IDA M. BUDD.

      Copyright, 1900, by Fillmore Bros.

      J. B. HERBERT.

      We've a task on hand demanding all our diplomatic pow'rs,
      We must civilize the Philippines, you know;
      Since our Uncle Sam, with gleaming sword has captured them for ours,
      We must civilize the Philippines, you know.
      Not a counrty 'neath the Stars and Stripes in heathendom must lie,
      We will shortly have them civilized or know the reason why;
      Oh, with missionary fervor is our nation's heart aglow,
      We must civilize the Philippines, you know.

      Chorus for Mixed Voices (for chorus for Male Voices, turn a leaf.)
      Come on! come on! come on! come on!  The Philippines are ours,
      Come on! come on! come on! come on!  We'll show the other pow'rs,
      The glory of our Stars and Strips, so abroad we'll go,
      To  civilize the Philippines, you know
                                                           the Philippines, you know.

      They are semi-savage now, but we will show them what they need,
      We must civilize the Philippines, you know;
      There'll be sure to be a harvest when we once have sown the seed,
      We must civilize the Philippines you know.
      We will send our civilization to them o'er the ocean wide,
      She will lift them up and teach them, to our boundless joy and pride,
      And the blessings of enlightenment shall round about them flow,
      As we civilize the Philippines, you know.


      But our civilization's married; she is now the bride of rum;
      So he'll have to go along with her, you know;
      'Twas a dreadful misalliance, but you see it had to come,
      There was so much money in it, don't you know?
      O, she loathes him! she abhors him! and she mourns the selfish greed
      Of the ones who bound her to him; but she's bound to him indeed,
      And she finds he won't be left behind, not e'en to let her go
      Out to civilize the Philippines, you know.


      Those whom God hath joined together let no mortal put apart,
      But all matches are not made in heav'n, you know;
      And this marriage bond was welded down in sheol's very heart,
      Blessed be the pow'r that severs it, I trow.
      So rally, Prohibitionists, and with united force,
      Compel this bridegroom to agree to writings of divorce;
      And then, with conscience clear and free, in all good faith we'll go
      Forth to civilize the Philippines, you know.


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      Prohibition Songs:  A collection of Prohibition Campaign, Patriotic Services, and all Meetings in the interest of Reform

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